Pulmón abierto (Open Lung)                                                                                                                                                                             Site-specific performance, performance documentation                                                                                                                           General's Residence Fort Mason, San Francisco

    In this site-specific performance, I activated a pseudo-territory in search of an interaction with the painful procedure of liberation. I explored the “feeling body” as a site that unfolds the psyche, confronted to social-political conditions that oppress it. 

    In the process, I engaged a dialogue with the invisibility of the body and translated it to a source of voice and action, opposing its current state as an inert subject. I examined the notion of displacement and the relations of domination and submission by marking territory.

This performance was part of the Rainbow Railroad Gala, at the General's Residence Fort Mason, San Francisco, California. (2017)

Rainbow Railroad is a Canadian organization that helps LGBTQ people escape state-sponsored violence.

Fotos/Photos: Jeshua René González