Highly invested in understanding the body as a communicating tool to interact with cultural and social constructs and how meaning is translated to the audience, I examine the body as site of activism and reinvention that processes trauma among acculturation and social-political conditions. My work explores social injustices related to discrimination of race and gender, and colonialism.

Through ritualistic acts, I dismantle traces of identity by marking territory with my body. I access the body's poetic language in pursuit of the processes that speak to the experience of breaking free.

I am deeply influenced by the interactions with the individual and the collective state of mind towards surroundings and environments, specifically those created by the current socio-political status of my homeland and the impact of their effects on the collective body. 

My art have always had an umbilical cord attached to home. Somehow, my body weights down where I belong and how my mental and emotional state reacts, process and understands reality.

Grounded through connections and interactions, my body seeks new forms of healing and purging, yet both mapping the attempts as vulnerable to failure and instability; internalizing the cyclic process of healing of the oppressed collective body through history.