PROMESA (PROMISE)                                                                                                                                                                        Performance documentation

    I revoke social ties imposed to the Puerto Rican population, the weighty promises that were not fulfilled during Luis Muñoz Marín’s government elapsed to today's socio-political frame.

     I appropriate the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) slogan Pan, Tierra y Libertad (Bread, Soil and Freedom) as the first broken promise made to the Puerto Ricans under the failed statute. I install my body in Site I Libertad (Freedom) as the representation of the blinded, restricted and inert 'freedom' under the Commonwealth; on the pedestal our economy, Site II Pan (Bread) the fungal crumbs of prosperity; and on the floor the soil, my land, Site III Tierra (Soil) interrupted, stagnant, wanting to move.

     Puerto Rico's colonial past speaks to the present status quo faced by its population, a post-colonial behavior pattern that is re-established today under the acronym P.R.O.M.E.S.A. (Puerto Rico Oversight Management and Economic Stability Act) and that confronts the Puerto Ricans with the so called 'death' of the Commonwealth. In the words of Victor C. Simpson, “In an era when colonialism is largely an anachronism, the island is now experiencing a second colonization.”

San Francisco, California. (2017)

Fotos/Photos: Alexander Taylor